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Bossam 0.9b40 Released!

January 24, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now, big improvements in performance. With newly added reasoners for OWL reasoning, OwlDlTrHReasoner, resonable performance measures are obtained. Refer to the preliminary LUBM benchmark results. Also, this release includes a feature to present the derivation tree for conclusions. Please refer to the short explanations on explanation.

Highlights for Bossam 0.9b40 Release

  • New Reasoners: OwlDlTrHReasoner and SwrlRdfTrHReasoner are OWL and SWRL reasoners respectively. These reasoners provide better performance than previous reasoners e.g. OwlDlReasoner.
    • Use load owltr to utilize the new OwlDlTrHReasoner in Bossam shell!
  • Explanation: It’s now possible to print out the derivation tree of a derived facts. Please refer to an explanation on the explanation feature.
  • Derived facts with blank nodes now do not appear in the conclusions! It provides more compact view on the conclusions.
  • Several bug-fixes as always…

Notes for the Bossam users!

Highly regarded Bossam users! Please note the following guides!

  • You should always use bossam.app.ReasonerFactory to create reasoner instances. Creators of reasoner classes are now protected so you cannot directly create instances of reasoner classes.
  • You should create an OWL reasoner to load OWL documents, and a SWRL reasoner to load SWRL documents. You cannot load OWL or SWRL documents with the default reasoner created by IReasoner.createReasoner().
  • Use IReasonerFactory.createOwlDlTrHReasoner() for better OWL reasoning performance!
  • Query performance is better optimized for this release. Try querying.

Thank you so much for using Bossam!

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