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Bossam 0.9b45 Released

February 7, 2007 1 comment

This release includes several enhancements and new features. (1) The RETE core of Bossam is redesigned and it shows a significant improvement. (2) A more elaborated and advanced OWL reasoner, OwlDlTrMReasoner, is added. This reasoner performs OWL reasoning based on elaborated translation and meta-rules. It covers a lot more of OWL reasoning than OwlDlTrHReasoner. Performance measures against famous ontologies and LUBM will soon be posted. (3) It’s possible to assert a rule at the head of rules. These rules, called rule-generating rules (RGR), enable writing more complex & dynamic knowledge and optimizing knowledge structure and performance.

Binary download is available at:

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A new Bossam on Feb. 5

February 2, 2007 7 comments

A new Bossam release is planned on Feb. 5, 2007.

The new release will include better OWL DL reasoning supports:

  • Enhanced coverage on classification based on boolean compositions of classes
  • Enhanced coverage on classification based on nominals (owl:oneOf)

Also, a new rule construct is introduced: rule-generating rules (RGR). With RGR, it’s possible to assert a rule at the consequent as shown below.

rule r is
if causality(?cause, ?result)
assert if ?cause then ?result;

RGR will help representing more complex knowledge and optimizing knowledge structure!

Also on performance-side, the RETE core of Bossam is well optimized and it gives a lot better performance than before!

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Bossam 0.9b40 Released!

January 24, 2007 Leave a comment

Now, big improvements in performance. With newly added reasoners for OWL reasoning, OwlDlTrHReasoner, resonable performance measures are obtained. Refer to the preliminary LUBM benchmark results. Also, this release includes a feature to present the derivation tree for conclusions. Please refer to the short explanations on explanation.

Highlights for Bossam 0.9b40 Release

  • New Reasoners: OwlDlTrHReasoner and SwrlRdfTrHReasoner are OWL and SWRL reasoners respectively. These reasoners provide better performance than previous reasoners e.g. OwlDlReasoner.
    • Use load owltr to utilize the new OwlDlTrHReasoner in Bossam shell!
  • Explanation: It’s now possible to print out the derivation tree of a derived facts. Please refer to an explanation on the explanation feature.
  • Derived facts with blank nodes now do not appear in the conclusions! It provides more compact view on the conclusions.
  • Several bug-fixes as always…

Notes for the Bossam users!

Highly regarded Bossam users! Please note the following guides!

  • You should always use to create reasoner instances. Creators of reasoner classes are now protected so you cannot directly create instances of reasoner classes.
  • You should create an OWL reasoner to load OWL documents, and a SWRL reasoner to load SWRL documents. You cannot load OWL or SWRL documents with the default reasoner created by IReasoner.createReasoner().
  • Use IReasonerFactory.createOwlDlTrHReasoner() for better OWL reasoning performance!
  • Query performance is better optimized for this release. Try querying.

Thank you so much for using Bossam!

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Bossam 0.9b33 Released

January 16, 2007 1 comment

The RETE core is refactored for performance improvements. Generally, this release is *three times* faster than the previous release. Also, some SWRL/RDF processing bugs are fixed, and this release runs on J2ME CDC/PP platform as well as J2SE platforms of JDK 1.3 or later. Download at

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